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Four Benefits of Laser Dentistry

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With all the advances in the medical field, dentistry has not been left out. Along with instant access to digital X-rays, other innovations are used to make the trip to the dentist a more painless experience. One of those innovations is laser dentistry. There are four distinct advantages to choosing a dentist who works with laser surgery.

More Precise

As with any procedure performed by laser, there are more precise incisions involved. Therefore, cuts that involve both gums and teeth will be smaller and will heal faster.

More Sterile

Regardless of how clean a dental office is, there can still be a risk of bacteria. Laser usage completely eliminates that risk.

Less Pain

Laser dentistry involves a tool that emits a laser light along with water and air. The combination of these three helps incisions in the gum tissue seal themselves quickly, reducing the need for stitches in many cases.

No Drills

A large part of the dental phobia is rooted in fear of the dental drill. The sound it makes is enough to make some people nervous. With a laser, that sound and hated grinding is a relic of the past.

Laser dentistry is an innovative technology. To schedule a relaxing dental exam, contact King Dentistry in Turlock today.

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