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Importance of a Sports Guard for Your Teeth

A sports guard works to provide protection for your teeth should you get hit around your mouth when playing sports. There are a few different types, including stock protectors that you can get at most sporting stores, custom-fitted protectors that a professional makes to fit your mouth and boil and bite protectors that you can shape at home to better fit your mouth. Regardless of the type, these provide the same benefits.

Prevent Broken Teeth

If you get hit in the mouth, there is the risk of a chipped or cracked tooth. This can be uncomfortable and results in the need for dental repair. These guards help to protect against this.

Protect Dental Work

If you have dental work like bridges or fillings, a blow to the mouth can damage these. If this occurs, you can experience discomfort and have to see your dentist for a prompt repair. 

Protect Your Facial and Jaw Bones

There is a reduced risk of facial and jaw fractures when you wear a mouth guard. These injuries are painful and result in weeks of healing time if they occur. 
Keep your teeth and mouth safe and healthy by wearing a sports guard when engaging in physical activity. To learn more about the importance of a sports guard for your teeth, call King Dentistry. 

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