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Dentures Offer Freedom to Turlock Patients

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At King Dentistry in Turlock, we offer various styles of dentures, including removable partials as well as the more permanent traditional solutions. With our assistance, our patients can continue to enjoy the lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to living. We offer affordable dentures that look natural and feel comfortable, mimicking the size, shape and look of your original teeth. We can also provide you with installations and repairs for your set of dentures.

Partials Offer a Flexible Solution

A partial set of dentures offers an alternative to bridges with much the same flexibility. These dental appliances often consist of acrylic gums, a metal frame and artificial teeth that match your existing smile. The removable devices are convenient and easy to clean. The benefits of these include:

  • Protection for sensitive oral tissues
  • Increased resistance to gum disease and the growth of bacteria
  • Increased comfort during ordinary tasks
  • Improved confidence in your smile

Call Today to Discuss Your Options in the Oakland and Modesto Areas

The installation process for a complete replacement can take several weeks. Don’t put off the steps that can help you regain your normal smile, speech and eating routines. At King Dentistry, we can offer you the solutions you want to maintain your lifestyle. We offer the installation, repair and relines necessary to consistently care for your smile. We are proud to serve the Turlock, Modesto, Merced, Oakland and Sonora communities. Give us a call at 209-668-3311 to schedule denture repair, a cleaning or a dental exam.

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