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Dental veneers are adaptable restorations. These restorations offer you several options especially if you have several issues with your teeth. Veneers can help improve the appearance and function of your teeth. If you want to delve into your options with veneers, here are some details from an experienced dentist.

Veneers are versatile

The main purpose of these restorations is to restore the patient’s teeth. These thin restorative shells can conceal staining and damage. Veneers can also reshape teeth and close dental gaps. Dentists often use these restorations on patients with various dental issues.

Small tooth gap treatment

The durability and strength of dental veneers make them optimal choices for closing small gaps in between teeth. Tooth gaps do not cause pain or cause other dental issues. Yet, some people who have tooth gaps experience speech problems. Others deal with pieces of stuck food in the gaps all the time. These gaps may result from bad childhood dental habits. They can also be hereditary.

Concealment of tooth damage

Patients usually have the option of getting veneers for restoring damaged teeth. It is a quick option, especially for small chips and cracks. These restorations are custom-fit. Each thin shell comes with individualized services. Dentists spend significant time on each veneer so that it can look like natural teeth. This makes it easier to cover the damage.

Tooth stain removal

Tooth staining is a common problem. Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, dark-colored beverages, and staining foods can make teeth yellow, brown, or grayish. Some medications can also discolor teeth. Veneers can help cover stained teeth. Porcelain is the favorite material choice for these restorations. The main reason for it is that porcelain does not stain.

With proper oral hygiene, patients can maintain the good condition of the thin porcelain shells. Regular dental checks allow the dentist to check if the shells have damage. Early detection leads to early treatment of shell damage. Avoiding hard foods and bad habits like crunching on ice can prolong the life of the thin shells. These restorations can last for at least 10 years.

Tooth lengthening

Small teeth can result from bruxism or genetics. Veneers can make short and small teeth look tall and big. To do this, the dentist chooses bigger and taller veneers. The dentist places the thin shells over the abnormal teeth to fill the dental arch better.

Dental veneers also give patients the option to lengthen small teeth. When a patient has substantial gum tissue usually has a gummy smile. By placing custom-fit veneers in front of the patient’s teeth, the patient’s teeth can become longer. This removes the patient’s gummy smile.

Exploring available options with veneers can help you achieve your cosmetic goals

Damage, staining, and inadequate size are the common reasons for choosing these dental restorations. Veneers provide many options to help you regain your oral health. Proper oral hygiene can help maintain the quality of your veneers. Working with your dentist can help extend the life of these shells for at least 10 years.

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