How Composite Fillings Deal With Cavities

How Composite Fillings Deal With Cavities from King Dentistry in Turlock, CACreated with quartz or glass and using a resin medium, composite fillings are quickly becoming the go-to for many dental patients. The fillings restore functionality to broken teeth by allowing the patient to bite or chew without pain. In addition, because the fillings look like natural teeth, they may help with self-esteem in relation to speaking and smiling.

What are composite resin fillings?

Composite resin fillings use versatile, customizable materials to fill in a wide variety of cosmetic issues in the teeth. Composite resin can be used to fill in small- to medium-sized cavities as well as to restore parts of teeth that are otherwise broken or chipped. When taken care of properly, composite resin fillings last between seven and 10 years.

Advantages and disadvantages of composite resin fillings

Composite fillings have a wide variety of benefits for the patient. The material can be created to look exactly like the patient's other teeth, which makes them undetectable to most people. The process is also quicker than some other types of fillings and can usually be completed with one visit. Composite resin fillings are durable enough to resist fracturing during everyday use, and patients usually report only short-lived temperature sensitivity after receiving the fillings.

These types of fillings do have some disadvantages as well, though. Composite resin has a shorter lifespan than other types of fillings and generally costs more since they are so customizable. Because composite resin needs to be applied to the tooth in layers, the teeth need to be very dry during placement, and layers can take a while to apply.

What is the procedure for receiving composite resin fillings?

The process for getting a composite resin filling is typically straightforward. At the beginning of the appointment, the patient will have the composite matched to the natural teeth. It is a good idea to have this done before the mouth and teeth become too dry, as this often changes the shade of the teeth.

Once matched, the decayed part of the natural teeth will be removed with a dental drill. Next, the patient's tooth will be cleaned and dried in preparation for the filling. Sometimes, if there is a lot of damage to the natural tooth, the patient will need to undergo some tooth shaving as well.

Next, it is time to etch and bond the tooth, which prepares it for receiving the composite. The composite is layered into the hole in the tooth, and a special light is used to cure the filling, which helps it to set in place. Once all of the layers are set, the tooth is shaped, contoured, and polished to ensure it matches the natural teeth.

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People who have chipped teeth or cavities and who are interested in learning more about composite fillings should contact their dentist for more information. A thorough consultation can be performed to determine whether the composite resin is the right choice for the patient.

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